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The fair and effective alternative to costly course provider websites! Try us and see for yourself!

Is your current course provider portal charging you to list your courses and then charges you again for every lead that you get? On top of that you have to pay extra to be listed higher up so that people can actually find you on the course provider portal?

Most course portal providers have a very poor Return On Investment and do nothing to promote your course. Try it: Go to Google and try to find any of your courses. Does the course provider portal, which you are paying to advertise your courses, come up? If so, where does it come up? You will most likely see that a.) the course provider portal does not come up in the paid for search because they are reluctant to pay for advertising b.) the course provider portal comes up oragnically below your own listing and usually somewhere in position 6, 7 or even lower.

Well, they come up only organically because of the course content that you provided. However, in doing so Google will naturally list your own website higher up so what is the point of paying so much money for a course listing that does nothing for you?

Well, the course provider portal sales manager will tell you how important it is to come up next to your cometitors when, in fact, this is not true and you are much better off investing your money into your own site. Isn't it funny how the Sales Manager only gets in touch with you once your contract is due for renewal?

So, register your courses with CourseDoodle and let us properly look after you and your courses so that you can focus on more important things.

Course Provider Benefits 

  • Unlimited leads at no cost directly into your inbox
  • Direct Link to your booking page
  • Free course listings
  • Simple to use course provider portal
  • Unlimited support 
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